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The 11th Art of Record Production Conference

The Spaces in Between

December 2 - 4, 2016

Hosted by the Music and Sound Knowledge group (MaSK), Aalborg University, Denmark

The ARP 2016 Call For Proposals has been extended until 13th May

Our conference committee is pleased to invite proposals for papers dealing with the following broad themes:

A: Between music production and sound design
How is record production related to producing sound for film, television, radio, computer games and other media? How can scholars and practitioners within these diverse fields benefit from each other? What are the differences between producing sound for linear and interactive media? How can theoretical models be used to elucidate these connections and differences?

B: Between the real and the virtual
How do notions of the natural and the artificial serve as aesthetic categories in record production and sound design? How does one theorize the continuum between reality and virtuality in ‘live’ sound and its recorded counterpart? How do representations of space in live and recorded sound relate to our experiences of ‘real space’ and how can these representations be constructed?

C: Between imagination and creativity
How do sound engineers and sound designers conceptualize sound and sound creation? What are the processes through which ideas about sound and music are translated into an audio output? What is the relationship between trial and error approaches andconscious choices in record production? How does one theorize the flow of ideas and knowledge in the recording studio? What are the limitations of language when communicating about sound?

D: Between production and consumption
How do new technologies, such as music production interfaces, smartphones or computer games, alter the relationships betweenproducers and consumers or between either of them and recorded music? What impact has the age of remixing and mash ups had onthe ontology of recorded music? What are the aesthetic, ethical, economic and copyright implications of artists and record companies distributing stems or raw takes for the consumer to remix? What is the role of social media in music production and consumption?

E: Music production – past, present and future
How have recording technologies and practices developed in relation to social and cultural changes? What is the nature of progress in the art of record production? What are the future perspectives for the art of record production in the new media landscape?

In addition to the above themes and topics, we also welcome proposals for presentations and posters exploring aspects of music production, sound design, performances and practical demonstrations on other topics related to the Art of Record Production.

Papers or demonstrations that require recording / studio / 5.1 playback facilities are also encouraged but selection will be subject to a feasibility study by the conference committee at Aalborg University.

Proposals for full papers and poster presentations should be in abstract form and not exceed 300 words. Please include a note on methodology where appropriate.

We are using the web-based tool EasyChair to organize the submissions to ARP 2016. Please create an account and upload your submission to Easy Chair. Follow this link:

You will be asked to choose which of the above themes to submit your paper to and whether your presentation is a full paper or a poster.

Any questions or correspondence can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Presenters at the conference must be members of the Association for the Study of the Art of Record Production. It costs £15 (about US$25, CAN$28, AU$28, €20 or NOK155) for the annual subscription and you can join at:

The deadline for proposals is May 1, 2016 and decisions will be communicated to authors no later than June 17, 2016

Mads Walther-Hansen             Chair of the 11th Art of Record Production Conference
Mark Grimshaw​                       Chair of the 11th Art of Record Production Conference
Katia Isakoff                             Director of the Art of Record Production Conference
Simon Zagorski-Thomas         Director of the Art of Record Production Conference