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ASARP is an international and interdisciplinary organization promoting the study of record production. The term ‘record production’ is to be interpreted in the broadest sense as the production of recorded music.

ASARP aims to:

Bring together academics and practitioners to promote the study of the record production

Through the conference, the journal, the mailing list, this website and the various other events and conduits for communication that are available to and organised by ASARP, the Association aims to bring together academics from as many disciplines and areas of study as possible and to work with industry professionals and practitioners to promote the study of the production of recorded music in all its forms.

Organise the international Art of Record Production Conference

The conference is moving from an annual model in the period up to 2011 to a biannual model from 2014 onwards. The Executive Committee organise the conference in conjunction with a host institution and the co-directors of the Art of Record Production Conference - Katia Isakoff and Simon Zagorski-Thomas. The Executive Committee would welcome proposals from any higher education institution anywhere in the world which wishes to host the conference. Details can be found here.

Publish the free, on-line Journal on the Art of Record Production

JARP, the Journal on the Art of Record Production is published on a separate website and is managed by the editorial committee, led by the joint editors in chief: currently Katia Isakoff and Richard James Burgess. Information about how it is run can be found here and about how to contribute can be found here.

Promote research into all aspects of record production

The conference, journal and website are the primary ways in which ASARP promotes these forms or research. We are always keen to find new ways in which we can promote research and would be happy to receive proposals and suggestions for future events or activities.

Encourage recognition of record production as an area for scholarly research

ASARP is proud of its record in raising the profile of the academic study of record production and recorded music through events, publications and networking and would be pleased to receive suggestions about how we can do more.

Build links between the Association and other academic and professional organisations

Many members of ASARP are also members of other professional organisations and we are active in building links between ASARP and other organisations to promote research and understanding in the area of record production, the wider realm of musical pedagogy and scholarship, and research policy and governance in general. For example, in 2011 we organised a panel discussion at the 130th Audio Engineering Society Convention in London, and both the UK Music Producers Guild and the US Producers and Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy (Grammies) have participated in ARP conferences over the years. We are co-organising a symposium at the University of Aalborg for 2014 with the European Sound Studies Association and are currently working with the Royal Musical Association and many other UK music research organisations on the launch of the Music Research Consortium UK in October 2013.

Encourage dialogue between the research and teaching community and industry wherever possible

The keynote speaker and many of the panelists and plenary speakers at the ARP conference are industry speakers - record producers, musicians, record company and publishing professionals. Wherever possible we seek to make the connection between the academic world of research and pedagogy and the industry world of creative practice and commerce, and to examine how they can help each other and promote mutual understanding.