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Association for the Study of the Art of Record Production (ASARP)

ASARP is an academic association dedicated to the study of the production of recorded music and is run by an international executive committee drawn from its membership.  We have members from all over the world and from a wide range of academic disciplines.  Many of our members are, or have been, professional recording engineers, producers and musicians. As such, we maintain very close links with the recording industry (internationally) and enjoy support from professional organisations. In addition to the conference and the journal, ASARP also collaborates with other bodies to organise research events and lend support for research projects and funding bids.

The Art of Record Production Conference (ARP)

ARP is an international conference run by co-directors Katia Isakoff and Simon Zagorski-Thomas.  
Each conference is hosted by a different nominated university following submission of a proposal.  From 2014 it will run biannually.

To present a paper or attend the conference you must be a member of ASARP.

The Journal on the Art of Record Production (JARP)

JARP is a publication of the Association for the Study of the Art of Record Production (ASARP). The journal publishes peer reviewed research with contributions from world-renowned industry professionals as well as book reviews and interviews.  It is run by an editorial committee led by the joint editors-in-chief, Katia Isakoff and Richard James Burgess.